Il Volo’s Gianluca Ginoble joins Nancy to discuss the trio’s new album Grande Amore and DVD Il Volo: Live from Pompei, and their upcoming tour. Read more in Nancy’s online column Showbiz Analysis for Parade Magazine.

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2 Responses to “Il Volo’s Gianluca Ginoble Talks Showbiz – Episode 291”

  1. donna Pothier

    Dear Nancy, Very Nice Interview! I am one of the “Older” Il Vololovers, and They were amazing at the Latin American Billboards! I love them SO much, I traveled to Italy this summer to see them, and the concerts there were amazing. All three are amazing, talented creative, funny , down to earth guys. It touches all of us that they have such beautiful, close, relationships with their families. Thank You for Interviewing Gianluca, and I hope you see one of their concerts, in Feb. I will be at Kennedy Center, AND Hershey Pa. They are “Three Voices, One Soul” All of us are so happy for all of their success.

  2. Whine At 9

    Thank you for listening and for sharing Donna! They really are a winning combination of talent. Love their concerts. Enjoy!

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