Donna Cavanagh, humor writer, tireless mentor and founder of, joins Nancy to chat about the cutting edge humor site, it’s 50+ writers and the recent launch of HumorOutcasts Press.

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4 Responses to “Episode 96 – Humor Showcase”

  1. Kathy Minicozzi

    As one of the “newbie” writers on HumorOutcasts, I am grateful to Donna Cavanagh and the other founders of HumorOutcasts for giving us a place to be funny and for letting us know that we, too, are real writers with nothing to be ashamed of because we have chosen humor as a genre. It is absolutely marvelous how HumorOutcasts has grown since it first appeared, and it is due to the hard work of its founders.

    It is an honor, too, to be writing for a site that also has experienced, even award-winning, humor and comedy authors writing for it. I feel that that is a validation of my own talent, and it is encouraging.

    I agree that writers are “off-kilter.” That’s why we are writers instead of normal people.

  2. Kelly Queijo

    Donna Cavanagh is one busy lady! I love reading “Humor Outcasts” and enjoyed today’s interview with Donna. I especially like her willingness to work with writers and help them get published. No funny business there — just good business!

  3. Whine At 9

    Thanks so much Kelly! We love having Donna on the show. She’s doing great things for humor writers!

  4. Whine At 9

    Thanks for listening Kathy! Keep writing!

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