Episode 76 – Jello Shots

February 1st, 2012

As the Super Bowl commercial buzz begins, Nancy chats with Faith Alpher, one of the original JELL-O pudding commercial kids.

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4 Responses to “Episode 76 – Jello Shots”

  1. Chrissy - The Clumsy Gourmet

    What a fun show… I also miss the songs that were such a part of the commercials of our childhood. Today’s versions use pop/rock songs that everyone knows but back in the day there were all the iconic tunes like “plop plop fizz fizz”.. The same goes for theme songs of tv shows… who knows all the words to the Gilligans Island show and The Brady Bunch…. those things stuck in your head forever. Now I often don’t really know what a commercial is even about?

  2. Whine At 9

    Thanks Chrissy! I do miss those jingles and theme songs. Although I am looking forward to seeing what the Super Bowl brings. Thanks for following!! ~Nancy

  3. Tammy and Parker

    Jello shots! Did someone say Jello shots! Oh. Wait. This is where I remember I’m a Mormon and the only ‘Jello shots’ in my life are green jello with carrots…….heh.

  4. Whine At 9

    Don’t worry Tammy, I think jello shots are way overrated 🙂

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